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    Garrett Roy

    Dr. Garrett Roy, DC earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University. Dr. Roy’s life was saved by emergency chiropractic care when he was just a toddler of 18 months.

    After having a temperature of 104 for three days and his mother following the medical profession’s instructions to give him aspirin and check in every 4 hours to no avail, his grandmother said, ‘I know my chiropractor will come to the house.’  The chiropractor gave him an adjustment and in just 2 hours the fever broke.  His phenomenal recovery confirmed his mother’s and grandmother’s belief in chiropractic care and Dr. Roy had early, regular chiropractic care his whole life. 

    After becoming a father, Dr. Roy continued the tradition with his 3 sons, adjusting his sons the day they were born. His oldest son has had a sum total of $277 of medical bills his whole life, at the age of 23 years, having upper cervical and full spine care from his date of birth on.   

    Dr. Roy is a cold war veteran having completed a tour in USAF as law enforcement K-9 bomb dog handler spending 3 years in the tropical Philippine jungle followed by 2 years in icy North Dakota.

    In everything Dr. Roy does, he believes in challenging the status quo of chiropractic care.  He believes in thinking differently.

    He believes the way to challenge the status quo is to provide education, expertise and custom patient care strategies to benefit you, from a nutrition to spinal manipulation.   If you're the kind of person who wants to reach to the next level in investing in your future through optimizing your health, Dr. Roy is waiting to WOW you with excellent patient care and customer service! 

    His practice is now located in Fort Mill, SC, where 20 years of experience in upper cervical techniques can GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT! and lead you to maximum health.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "PAIN FREE! Over the years I have been to several different chiropractors. As a child, I was exposed to chiropractic care through my mother. Having arthritis, chiropractic was the one place she could get relief without drugs. Even so, not all chiropractors are equal and that was never made more clear to me than when I met Dr. Roy. Having complained of lower back pain to a former chiropractor, I was never able to get any relief. It wasn't until I started being treated by Dr. Roy that I was able to go weeks without pain. I even had a manual physical therapist tell me I had scarred tissue and would never truly be pain free. Dr. Roy's methods were new to me and I was a little skeptical at first, but after a month or so of treatment I was able to go for several weeks without ANY pain! I am a believer now and I will be coming back as often as I can!!!"
    Judy Reyes
  • "THE MIRACLE DOCTOR! A friend recommended Dr. Roy to me because I could hardly walk and I was in great pain. He took x-rays and treated me immediately and it really help right away. That was in 2019. He saw me twice a week for many months before I went to once a week. He has educated me on many different situations concerning my back and that's why I call him "The Miracle Doctor.""
    Mary Kathleen Weldon
  • "ALMOST AS GOOD AS NEW AFTER SEVERE CAR ACCIDENT AFTER 2 SESSIONS 5* After decades of chiropractic care, I thought I'd received the best possible outcome for my neck injury from a fall further exacerbated by a severe car accident.
    Little did I know that in just two sessions Dr. Roy would have me almost as good as new!
    Thanks again for hearing my complaint and knowing exactly how to adjust T1/T2/C7 areas on my neck for instant, long lasting relief."
    C Broadway
  • "NO MORE MIGRAINES 5* - Dr. Roy has added a massage therapist and I'm so excited to have that available for my overall wellness care. Dr. Roy always seems to put his finger exactly where I'm needing an adjustment and with his upper cervical adjustments, I've gone from 4 migraines a month to less than one a year! I haven't felt better."
    Chrystal R.
    Kelly B.
  • "VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS5* - I know Dr. Roy personally and he does a great job. He is an honorable man who cares about his patients and is an USAF veteran to boot."
    Col Paul S.
  • "TRUST THEM WITH MY BACK 5* - So love this place! Four days ago I came home from a long back from hurting from the travel. They were able to take me in for an appointment the very next day and put 2 ribs back in place. Besides that, I love the employees there. They are so refreshing and kind and I highly trust them with my back."
    Sara W. F.
  • "VERY PLEASED 5* - Visiting Dr. Roy's Chiropractic Clinic since last year and very pleased with the results so far!
    Thank you so much Dr. Roy!"
    Stephan S.
  • "BACK, KNEES AND HIPS BETTER! Since starting treatments with Dr. Roy not only is my back better and I now know what the issues are - his gentle chiropractic approach has helped my back, knees and hips. Thanks Dr. Roy"
    Susan E.